About Us

Mamo Jo is the ancient Caribbean name for Mermaid. The “Magic of the Ocean” is what connects us to the spirit of the sea, the feelings of freedom and wellbeing it inspires. From the depths of the ocean to the shores of exotic beaches, Mamo Jo brings to you her treasure. Each piece in the collection is chosen for it’s beauty and mystical power to feed your soul and connect you with nature. Embrace the moment, plant your bare feet in the sand, dance to the music within, let the wind play with your hair and always be ready for adventure.

Founded in 2000 and made with respect for our oceans, Mamo Jo sponsors the Surfrider Foundation Australia and supports ethical production. Using only shells that are in abundance and taking care to utilise recycled glass, our team of mermaids make each piece with love.

Mamo jo’s creator, Lisa Carney, of Lisa Carney Design, has seen her work showcased at the Australian Embassy in New York. Her pieces are of the highest design. Using modern technology, they reflect the beauty of our coastlines here and abroad. Her latest collection is inspired by her travels to Morocco. To view more of lisa’s other brand “Lisa Carney Design” please CLICK HERE.

What we make is about a state of mind that never really changes – it’s about fashion, love of the ocean and our surrounds. Mamo Jo – It’s about freedom and adventure and has broad appeal for men and women of all ages.